Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blog 1

Our goals at this moment, is to collect measurements of the school, and start building the base for our virtual world, probably not getting into details at this point. We also need to step up, because without Mods or Plugins (See Learning about the Project) we have to set each block down Brick by Brick, which can be time-consuming. We will measure progress, by setting a goal of one wing of classrooms per week, unless there is no time during the week to work on the project.We are learning more about our school, and learning more about using "Mods and Plugins" for the project, Mods and Plugins, are downloadable extras, that could help us use commands to help us work on our world.
We are learning NOT to mess around with the fun game Minecraft, which is practicing our self-control, and we are learning how to assign jobs in the project, and work as a team. In a month, we will hopefully have finished the basic shape of JLS, in the second month, hopefully have the details all put in.

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