Thursday, November 6, 2014

Post 2

Blog 2: Leadership 20% Time Project : Virtual World

                     With the end of the week, we have managed to find out most if not all of the length ratios needed for JLS. Since each block is 1 meter, we used meter sticks and measured certain areas of JLS that stayed relatively the same. We also have created the flagpole as the central point of exploration, as all students should be able to recognize the JLS flagpole.We are working on a way to make a spawn point inside the air and have the visitor drop from that point down onto the JLS school grounds, giving them a nice aerial view on the way down. We've learned how to work together on the server to coordinate where to place blocks. I've learned that controlling oneself from blowing up 3x3 blocks of stone with TnT is not the most product use of time and that it doesn't benefit the project. Using time effectively is an important skill and can will determine whether or not we can finish this project. From here, we can begin to plan out the outlines of all the buildings, creating walls and making separate rooms. Also, we can add a few details here or there to make things easier to find and notice.

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