Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blog 5

This week, we have made a tremendous amount of progress.  The world is starting to look like JLS.  We have been using the /fill (fills a rectangular area of a certain substance) and the /clone (duplicates an area and pastes it somewhere else) commands to speed up the process.  We have finished from the flagpole to the 300s wing, as well as most of the Gym (all we need is the ceiling).  We have been working really hard in and outside of class, pausing only to post messages around the school (i.e. LEADERSHIP = SWAG).  This week, we hope to set up the bios of the staff, finish up to the 600s, wing, finish the gym, contact Mr. Sperry about putting it on the JLS Website, outline the thousands islands, and start the directions to the different classrooms.  It will be an action packed week, and it will leave us with only the finishing touches to complete.  Next week, we hope to share a complete and explorable model of JL Stanford Middle School.

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