Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blog 4

This week, we have FINALLY made a bit of progress on the outline, after encouraging all group members to work every day on the Minecraft world. We have finished the Cafe, the 100's wing, the breezeway, and the 200's wings, we have made all of it using a material called Stone, but if we use a plugin called WorldEdit, we can change all the stone to the appropriate material. Last week was a disaster in terms of progress, but this week, our group really began pumping the motor, and actually working on the world, rather than messing around. We have discovered that adding details is actually harder than we expected, because each block is square, and there are not many specific blocks for our situation. We have learned to ALL pitch in a bit on Blogs, the Minecraft world itself, and the Website. From here, we will hopefully finish the outline of JLS by next Tuesday (Thanksgiving Break) and start adding specific details, and changing the stone materials to the appropriate materials. We have really learned a lot about JLS, because we explored many rooms that we have never gone too before, just for the sake of our project. We hope to finish the 330-360 and 300-320 rooms before the end of the week. Our website is getting polished up, with other features being added, such as certain guides to rooms and things.  Hopefully we can keep up the pace, and finish the project on time!

Link to the website : http://explorejls.weebly.com/

Aerial view of JLS so far.

Halfway completed Office Hallway

230-260s wing

The starting point of exploration (JLS Flagpole)

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