Friday, November 14, 2014

Post 3

Blog 3: Leadership 20% Time Project: Virtual World

As the week passes, we complete more and more milestones on our Minecraft world. First, we have completed most of the outlines for the Cafe, the 130's wing, and a little bit of the office. With this, we have to keep in mind no to get off of scale. For items smaller than one meter, we try to treat them as if they were one meter, because there is no way to create something that is 1/2 a block. For example, for a doorway entrance, (which, obviously, is less than one meter thick) we simply treat it as one block of width and make the rest of the room according to scale. It is unfortunate, but there is no way around the limitations of the Minecraft block. By next week, we want to finish up the office, library, and 230-260s. Since these are outlines, many of the lengths stay the same. We measured that the space between wings vertically (Like from 530 to 430) is always 13 blocks long. These things are constant, so we don't have to measure the entirety of JLS. That being said, we still have to devote a certain amount of time to measuring around the areas that aren't very constant, like the library, gymnasium, etc. We have learned to construct the basic outline of a JLS classroom. Since most are the same length, we can make one, and using its dimensions, create more and more. One of the issues that we haven't exactly solved yet is how we can show diagonals/curves inside Minecraft. While yes, you can place blocks from corner to corner, that angle is too drastic for areas, and we need a more subtle angle. We have also fully completed the building where a student would spawn when first entering a game, but we haven't been able to actually change the world so that all entrances into the
world start at that building.
The Cafeteria (somewhat unfinished)

The breezeway 

The spawn point

Unfinished Room 140

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